Buy JD and get ready for the roller coaster ride

JD is China’s second largest online retail company growing aggressively. Both JD and BABA can be compared to Amazon but JD is more valuable than BABA.

BABA and JD stock are China’s top two in e-commerce industry but while BABA is an intermediate between buyers and sellers, JD owns the majority of inventory.  JD market cap is $62 billion and BABA is $534 billion and hence BABA growth will be slower than JD.

JD stock has been tumbling recently and is now at a very low price with concerns of trade war. Recent earnings pulled price lower and many are missing long term prospects of JD.

Google has now invested $550 million in JD.

My favorite VRNS

Security is a concern of every organization today and data protection is top priority. Varonis Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNS) is a pioneer in data security and analytics, Varonis started in 2005 and has impressive customers in many sectors. It does have competitors such as Cisco and Symantec but has distinguished itself. Varonis also has high gross margin 90.4%. (Gross profit margin is indicator of a company’s financial health)

Twitter gets ready for World Cup

TWTR  price target has been raised to 50 by JPMorgan Analyst Dong Anmuth (Ranked #42 out of 4,829 Analysts on TipRanks, Success rate 73%). Twitter is  bullish and offers improved features for both advertisers and users. It is expected that the World Cup 2018 (June 14 – July 15) will likely increase Twitter’s revenue. The last World Cup caused hike in revenue and this year Twitter has added more features. Twitter also has partnered with Fox Sports and will provide video coverage of every goal scored.

Source Barrons .